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What we have in common? Passion, expertise and a mission.

Unique partner in ‘telling and selling the story of green food​’

Unlike most communication & consultancy agencies, our company has grown from our mission. Love for food, respect for people, animals and the environment and a passion for communication is what binds us together and what interests us. We are hyper-specialized around the subject of more plant-based food and at the same time broadly skilled in 360° communication. A combination that has proved to be both unique and powerful.

We are a young agency, right in the middle of the millennial target group, that understands the current communication and is surrounded by the topic daily. Fast responses, short lines of communication, and a pragmatic approach is what makes us strong. In us you will find a unique partner in this fast-growing world of sustainable food. We gladly introduce the team to you!




Isabel (1990) has been a vegetarian since she was nine years old. In 2013 during her master’s in Text and Communication (UvA) she started her blog Dehippevegetarier.nl, which has grown into the largest vegetarian platform in the Netherlands. After her master’s, Isabel started working as a consultant at the international communication agency Ketchum (now OPRG), where she quickly became the food specialist. Meanwhile, her blog grew and this led to her book De Hippe Vegetariër (The Trendy Vegetarian) in 2016. In 2018 Isabel launched the successful first edition of the National Week Without Meat in the Netherlands, with which she ended up in the Food100 as Gamechanger under 30 and was named Communication Talent of 2018. This has helped Isabel to become the Dutch authority on vegetarian food and to turn her passion into her work. Nowadays she no longer does this alone, but together with a team of passionate foodies and communication specialists.


Strategy & Communications Lead


Kim (1991) is, by nature, very much involved with sustainable food and also an engaged consumer who is always up to date with the latest social developments. After her Research Master’s in Communication at the UvA, Kim has developed herself at international communications agency OPRG (former: Ketchum) into an all-round PR and communication advisor and beloved account manager. She started working here at the same time as Isabel, and from the start of their careers these ladies proved to be a complementary and surprising team. During her years in the agency world, Kim has seen various facets of the communication profession, from developing creative communication strategies to sharpening brand positioning. Kim quickly familiarizes herself with a client’s corporate culture and operates as an organic extension of the team. At Green Food Lab, Kim leads the communication branch and is the linchpin in the day-to-day running of the office. With her organizational qualities and substantive know-how, Kim brings the professionalism of the large agency world to this young niche agency. In short: best of both worlds.


Media & Activation Lead


 Jody (1992) has a great love for cooking, eating and volleyball. During her master Persuasive Communications at the UvA, Jody has gained a lot of work experience in the world of communication, marketing and advertising. After a challenging period at a start-up, Jody chose for the agency world at international communication agency OPRG. There she developed into a skilled project manager and became an expert in the field of media relations and influencers. Over the past year Jody has become increasingly aware of making sustainable food choices. She felt the need to contribute to a better world through her work. That’s why she did not hesitate to take her next step at Green Food Lab, where she applies her expertise to all communication projects and events.


Media & Activation Lead


Margot (1993) graduated in International Communication & Media (HU), after which she started working as a consultant at international PR agency OPRG. Here, she developed into an all-round communication professional, primarily working in PR, influencer marketing and corporate communication for a wide range of brands in different industries. After 4.5 years Margot wanted to stimulate her inner foodie more and therefore made the switch to Lidl. As a PR & External Communications advisor, she was allowed to focus not only on food but also on all sustainability communications of the supermarket. In her spare time she was already very busy with sustainability but at Lidl she discovered a real passion for it. Full of enthusiasm, she therefore joined Green Food Lab as Media & Activation Lead. Margot can spend hours in the kitchen where, besides cooking, she also bakes and ferments.


Food Content & Creation Manager


Lieske (1992) is a foodie at heart. During her hotel school education, she specialized in the culinary field and discovered her passion for recipe development and photography. This combined with her affinity for blogging and social media, makes Lieske indispensable in the team of Green Food Lab already since 2015. Lieske is mainly responsible for the ins and outs of the blog Dehippevegetarier.nl and can be found in the kitchen every week for new recipes and tasty food photography. Thanks to her great love for the catering industry, she advises restaurants and caterers in making their menus more sustainable. In addition, Lieske supports all INSPIRATION and ACTIVATION projects with her culinary imagination and knowledge of cooking.


Project Manager

Ingeborg (1989) has a boundless love for health. From healthy food, sports to meditation; everything that has an effect on a happy and sustainable life sparks her interest. She loves eating and cooking and always tries to give it a healthy twist. During her search for the ultimate diet, she ended up on the plant-based path and she didn’t stop there! Every new project at Green Food Lab is a step closer to her dream of making the world a little greener and healthier. Not in a boring or pedantic way, but full of energy and enthusiasm. Ingeborg does not shy away from a challenge in her free time either. Every month she voluntarily takes an ice bath and is very involved in personal development. Thanks to her background in the hotel industry and community management, besides her copy and content skills she also has a talent for communication and maintaining customer relations – in short, real Green Food Lab DNA!


PR & Activation Manager

Maureen (1985) helps Green Food Lab with PR activities. She has over fifteen years of experience in the field of PR and communication and works as a PR freelancer for a diverse range of clients, from museums to food brands. She is driven to find new, unique and creative angles to get the job done. Maureen is a real people person and gets along well with people from all walks of life. She is a huge animal lover, and in her spare time she likes to wander through Amsterdam East together with her (blind) dachshund Jet. She has a passion for spotting vintage marketplace gems and you can wake her up for a good coconut cappuccino from her favourite coffee place.


Client Development Manager


Laura has a passion for food, drink and socialising. She likes to avoid wasting food and is creative with the contents of her fridge. She has a great affinity with sustainable products, so going to thrift shops is her favourite. In her spare time, she likes to wander through Amsterdam in search of undiscovered (food) hotspots. After her master’s in Groningen, she worked for years as a marketeer in the FMCG industry. Here, she developed a preference for storytelling and sales. She developed this further in the world of media. At Green Food Lab, Laura is the right person to meet for a cup of coffee to discuss cooperation possibilities.


Strategy & Content Specialist


Laura (1988) is the biggest animal lover of the team and a real do-gooder. From a young age, she has been concerned with animal welfare and injustices in the food industry, and has studied the effects of food on the climate. She was a vegetarian for a long time and became a vegan in 2017. She also likes to inspire other people to eat (more) plant-based foods and discovered through her Media & Culture studies (UvA) that media is a powerful tool for this. Her desire to contribute to a better world led her to work in the communications team and as press officer for an animal welfare organisation, and she was project manager of the DierenwelzijnsCheck. At Green Food Lab, Laura uses her expertise and passion as Media & Content Specialist. In her free time, she enjoys hosting dinner parties on her houseboat, festivals, (kite)surfing and playing football.

Rosanna de Vos

Social & Digital Specialist


Rosanna (1996) loves drinking cappuccinos and has fallen in love with oat milk since she joined Green Food Lab! After her education in Communication at the Hogeschool van Leiden, she gained experience as an online marketeer for more than 25 restaurants throughout the Netherlands. Because of her expertise in social and digital, she is able to deepen the online communication challenges of clients. Rosanna (for the intimate Rosa) creates spontaneous content that makes you laugh, makes you think and lets you enjoy green and sustainable food. Creating a unique tone of voice is a piece of cake for her and fast and effective service is what she stands for. You will also often find her on a sports mat, only to find herself back in the kitchen trying out delicious cakes and other baked goods. For Rosanna an absolute win-win situation for body and mind!


Media & Influencer Manager


Lotte (1993) is an analytical creative person who you can wake up in the middle of the night for falafel with naan. Food is not only her greatest hobby, but also what makes her happy in a work environment. During her studies Lifestyle (Trendresearch & Concept Creation) she immersed herself in the food sector to investigate all kinds of food issues. For True Price, for example, she researched the food system in 2050 and for the project agency Food Embassy, she researched the relationship between food and identity. Lotte is capable of translating the zeitgeist and consumer behaviour into inspiring content and concepts. She uses these qualities for two big passions: creating contemporary, recognizable social media content, and setting up influencer campaigns to generate compelling content together. Finally, Lotte is program manager of the Food Startups Communications Lab, thanks to her great love for startups.


PR & Activation Specialist


Chloé (1992) is a true lover of life and enjoys exploring the latest hotspots with her friends in search of surprising dishes and drinks. After graduating in Communication Management from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, she gained a lot of experience at PR agency Pressure, where she was able to launch successful PR and influencer campaigns for many different food, lifestyle and drink brands. If it’s up to her, the menu of the future is plant-based, which is why Chloé is ready to contribute to a sustainable world with more plant-based food through creative campaigns as PR & Event Specialist at Green Food Lab.


Strategy & Content Junior


Sien (1995) has a passion for language and sustainability. After completing her bachelor’s degree Linguistics in Utrecht, she decided to spend a year in Oslo, Norway. During that year she discovered her interest in communication and writing and decided to return to the Netherlands for a master’s degree. During the Master’s in Text and Communication (UvA) she read a lot of articles in the field of sustainability for her writing and decided she wanted to contribute to a more sustainable world. Sustainability is also important to Sien in day-to-day life. For example, she even prefers to take the bus or train to Scandinavia rather than the plane, and recently made the switch from flexitarian to vegetarian, which is easy for her when she considers the animals and the planet. At Green Food Lab, Sien supports the team with her linguistic and writing skills. Many press releases and key messages are written by her, and no text is being published before Sien has read it!


Strategy & Content Junior


Nina (1997) has a keen interest in sustainable food and social issues. Cooking is a big hobby, but she also likes to cycle and organise parties. After her HBO Nutrition & Dietetics study, Nina decided to follow a Master’s degree in Communication Science. Out of the desire to learn more about sustainability communication, she wrote her master’s thesis on the buying intention of meat substitutes. With her background, Nina writes for the communication team and supports the PR team where necessary; she works all-round! Nina hopes her work will inspire more people to make more conscious food choices.


Media & Influencer Specialist

Wieke (1996) is with her master Communication, Health & Life Sciences at the Wageningen University the ultimate Green Food Lab employee with her focus on communication, health and sustainability. A perfect combination, especially with her love for food that is expressed in Wieke’s awareness of food waste and her vegetarian lifestyle. She also tries to wear as much sustainable and second-hand clothing as possible. Furthermore, she loves sports and watching series, and closely follows all relevant influencers. A sustainable star in the making!


Media & Influencer Junior


Léonie (1997) loves food, cooks and bakes like crazy and wants to know everything about it. She devours cookbooks, would like to go out to eat every week and keeps a close eye on all culinary developments. Sustainability is also playing an increasingly important role in her life, and when it comes to food, she is very much engaged in it. But of course, this is not the only thing that keeps her busy! She likes to write, does regular sports and can be found on the terrace in the weekends. Léonie graduated from the Media, Information and Communication study programme at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, and here she discovered that she is enthusiastic about PR and wants to do something with it. In short: the combination of her passion for food and a healthy dose of motivation mean that she has a lot to offer Green Food Lab.


Food Creation Specialist


Robin (1996) is a foodie and feminist with a great passion for sustainability. She loves to cook and is always on top of the latest food trends – which she loves to try out for herself! When she’s not in the kitchen, she enjoys thrift shopping and tries to find a sustainable alternative for everything. During her Master’s in Communication, Health & Life Sciences, she studied how people develop motivation to eat sustainably. Later on in her studies she discovered her love for recipe development and food photography in which she can put her creativity to good use. In her work, she combines this with the hope of inspiring the world to eat more vegetarian by sharing irresistible recipes.


Food Content Junior

Daniëlle (1996) has a love for art, culture and fashion. She is always up to date with the latest food & lifestyle trends. She also photographs artistic portraits of people and designs eccentric and colourful designs. After studying lifestyle & media at the Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, she studied nutrition & dietetics to learn more about health and sustainable food. She also attended the Willem de Kooning academy for the New Earth Social Practices course, where she studied new ways of producing in ecological, social and economic contexts. At Green Food Lab, Daniëlle has combined these disciplines and manages to contribute surprising and creative ideas to the team.


Office & Project Support

Kim (1986) has always been interested in communication, marketing, management and brands with a mission. During her career she has held various operational management positions, which she believes are the perfect combination of making people happy and arranging things down to the last detail. The enthusiasm and energy of team Green Food Lab is what directly appealed to her in the company, and that same enthusiasm is exactly why Kim fits in so well with Green Food Lab. She enjoys supporting the team in office & project matters, making sure that all colleagues have a good time and are able to do their job optimally. Kim is always in for a glass of wine and cooking. Her commitment to the team and the customers of Green Food Lab is appreciated every day!


Influencer Project Support

Jade (1997) is a real foodie and is always up to date with the latest vega(n) hotspots. From Amsterdam to New York City, Jade knows them all and knows where to eat best. Her foodie dreams came true during her exchange in New York. During her adventure, she not only discovered the best places to eat, but also studied marketing, economics and social ecology. She then started her master’s in Culture, Organization & Management, which she completed with research on diversity and inclusion. Under the motto ‘you’re never done learning’, she subsequently started on her second master’s in Persuasive Communication at the University of Amsterdam, where her interest in communication was strengthened. When it comes to creating inspiring content on social media, finding the perfect influencer or just having a chat, Jade is the one to talk to!


Content Support

Caroline (1997) has a passion for the Dutch language, writing and photography. She cares highly about animals and the environment, which means that she likes to work with topics like sustainability and plant-based food. She loves contributing to a green world, which she now does as Content Support at Green Food Lab. She does this all with a good amount of motivation, a will to learn and enthusiasm, because Caroline actually comes from the psychology sector! Her biggest hobby? Being with friends, whilst enjoying some good food and drinks. In her spare time, you can therefore find her with friends on the terras or at veggie hotspots through the whole country.



Laura (1987) is Green Food Lab’s support for everything that has to do with design. She studied graphic design and continued her study at the art academy in Utrecht. After having worked for a design agency for 3 years, she ended up at Green Food Lab. By working here, she contributes to a better world, because she believes that every act counts. For example, she likes to go to thrift stores to look for second-hand pearls for in her home and (well stocked) wardrobe. Laura loves to experiment in the kitchen. She learns more and more about vegetarian options and notices that meat is not as necessary as she thought it would be. In addition to her passions for design and cooking, she does yoga and loves to read. She also enjoys her study to become a hairdresser.

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