Five pillars. One mission.

Strategy, content, food creation, activation and campaigns
to make more plant-based the new normal.


The right base, that’s where it starts. That is why we start by finding the right words for your brand or product and a tailor-made communication plan, whether it targets consumers, retail or food service!

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A teaser that draws you in. A story that makes you think. Social media posts that demand to be liked. We don’t settle for less!

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Tasting is believing, especially when it comes to plant-based food. That is why we create recipes that everyone can work with, with photos and videos of dishes that you want to eat off the screen.

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With our rock-solid PR & influencer network, we creatively ensure that your story activates the target group. With the right content, through the right channels, at the right moment!

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Getting people in motion is what we do best. We make consumers positively aware of the reasons for eating more plant-based, healthy, and sustainable food. Without pointing the finger!

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During the introduction of Pulled Oats on the Dutch market, Green Food Lab helped Gold&Green to set up a strong communication and introduction strategy. Following this successful launch, we also shared the learnings of this launch with other countries where Pulled Oats will be newly introduced. In order to do this in the most accessible way possible, Green Food Lab has developed a digital toolkit for future Pulled Oats launches. For each introduction activity, our learnings, steps to take, do’s & don’ts and all existing materials are shared. This way, not every country has to reinvent the wheel and they can effectively use the resources we have already created for the Dutch market.


Commissioned by OMNICOM PR GROUP

Kiwi brand Zespri, a longstanding customer of Omnicom PR Group, wants to make the Netherlands aware of the digestive health benefits of the kiwi. Together we came up with a campaign: Let’s Talk Shit. Because it turns out that 64% of Dutch people suffer from digestive problems, but the majority does not dare to talk about it. To make bowel movements discussable, we called in 10 influential health bloggers. We asked them to openly share their own digestive story and call on their readers to do the same. This resulted in a national poop conversation, with which we put Zespri on the map as a valuable source of information and the kiwi as an effective tool for a smooth bowel movement. This campaign received a place in the finals at the SABRE Awards!!


During the Week Zonder Vlees 2021, Beyond Meat wanted to help the meat-eaters of the Netherlands to make the step to plant-based meals easier. Why have a week without meat, when it can also be a week with (plant-based) meat? Green Food Lab developed an activation for this and set up the website in collaboration with Hokra. We filled this website with attractive food photography and text. The core of the website is the test: ‘Which type of meat eater are you?‘. Green Food Lab created four tailor-made week menus, adjusted to the results of the test. We drove this activation via an Influencer Campaign focused on engagement and a Word of Mouth campaign with Consumer Influencers, who revealed their own type of meat eater and went to work on their personal week menu. A successful activation to introduce the Netherlands to the Beyond Meat range in a relevant and attractive way!


Eating more plant-based food is not just something you do at home, but also when you eat out. Catering entrepreneurs are increasingly confronted with the demand for more vegetarian and vegan dishes. What role can you play as a wholesaler in this? And how do you respond creatively as a catering industry? Which products should you choose? What are the do’s and don’ts? Together with catering wholesaler Bidfood, we set out a route and went to work to create a vegetarian shop where information and inspiration meet. We created the vegetarian and vegan range and developed practical and stimulating text and video content to inspire the entrepreneurs. In this way, the web shop of a wholesaler suddenly becomes a guide to giving vegetarian food a place on the menu and surprising the guests with it. Curious about the webshop? Take a look here


Together with MAGGI we launched a special Dagje Geen Vlees (A Day No Meat) product line in October 2017 to really make flexitarian food the new standard in the Netherlands. Following the success of this session, MAGGI Netherlands invited us to help further develop the ‘Dagje Geen Vlees’ (a Day No Meat) concept they wanted to bring to the Dutch market. This resulted in a co-creation between MAGGI and De Hippe Vegetariër, in which we launched a special Dagje Geen Vlees product line to make flexitarian food the new standard in the Netherlands.




Social media content & management

Nowadays, every brand must have attractive and representative visibility on the right social media channels. This requires an interactive timeline with a tone of voice and visual language that suits your brand and tells your story in a contemporary way. It is also important to respond quickly and consistently to questions from the community. Creative, intensive and accurate work that the Green Food Lab team is happy to take off your hands. For example, Green Food Lab manages the social media channels for #zokanhetook and Gold&Green. We develop an appropriate social strategy, design a recognisable visual identity, write social copy and manage the community. Become carefree and visible!

Creative recipe development and photography 

We regularly develop and photograph attractive recipes with our customers’ products. These are placed on their own channels such as social media, their website or a magazine. We also offer these recipes with a relevant news hook for publication at Food & Lifestyle media. In this way we put our customers in the spotlight and provide the journalists with good content. From pancakes to BBQ, white asparagus, Christmas breakfast, picnic or top sports recipes. We also publish recipes on behalf of our customers on our blog De Hippe Vegetarian. We have worked with dozens of brands including Philips, Becel, JUMBO, SoFine, Lassie, Bolletje and Fair Trade Original. (blog)

In September 2013 Isabel launched a daily Food & Lifestyle blog for vegetarians, flexitarians and food enthusiasts. This was the very beginning of what is now Green Food Lab. Today, is the largest vegetarian platform in the Netherlands with over 300,000 unique visitors per month and over 85K followers on social media. On the blog you will find fantastic vegetarian recipes that will surprise meat eaters as well. We help our readers explore the wonderful world of vegetables, legumes, and meat alternatives, and in cooperation with experts we share articles on nutrition and health. We help you and our readers to make conscious choices and enjoy healthy, delicious food! Take a look:


VEGABIJBEL is the ultimate reference work for vegans. With more than 150 recipes, Isabel Boerdam shows the infinite possibilities of a vegetarian meal. With help of clear instructions and step-by-step photography you will learn everything about making the most delicious vegetarian dishes. From good basic recipes such as vegetable spread, curry paste and marinated tempeh to festive creations such as pie with Jerusalem artichoke, coconut rice with sweet potato and portobello pizza. Go for a beet bourguignon, the vegetarian variant of the famous French meat stew, try the vegetarian paella with fennel or go for the carrot-walnut burger with ras el hanout. In short, Vegabijbel is a surprising and instructive vegetarian reference work for both the beginner and the advanced cook. Take a look at the book here!


In April 2018 we founded VEGGIE by De Hippe Vegetariër: a YouTube channel for vegetarians, flexitarians, and doubting meat eaters. The vegetarian channel guides people in a practical and inspiring way through a vegetarian or flexitarian diet. Here you’ll find answers to all your veggie questions. Think of it as the ultimate VEGGIE Encyclopedia! From 1-minute recipes to information about the origin of vegetables, important veggie nutritional information, interviews with chefs and veggie food hacks: you’ll find it all there. Subscribe now!




Gold&Green’s Pulled Oats®  has been a huge hype in its homeland Finland since its introduction in 2015. It was therefore time to introduce this source of vegetable protein, made from oats, broad beans and peas, also in the Netherlands with Green Food Lab as a partner. With a phased approach, we ensured that media, influencers, chefs and key opinion leaders were involved at the right time and that the hype could also grow in the Netherlands. We ensured a successful introduction in which we used a suitable approach for each target group. Now it’s time for an active social media strategy, PR and influencer campaign. We are far from finished!


In the run-up to the National Week Without Meat 2020, KFC made the bold move to introduce a vegetarian product on their fixed menu for the first time in The Netherlands and decided to go 100% vegetarian in the restaurant on the Binnenwegplein in Rotterdam during the Week Without Meat 2020. Green Food Lab was KFC’s partner in this daring process: from the first test of the Chickenless Chicken Burger, to the strategic communication plan, the messaging and finally the hundreds of publications about this world premiere. A collaboration and result to be proud of!


Santa Maria is the number one Tex Mex brand in the Netherlands. Santa Maria has asked Green Food Lab to show through PR how surprising the spicy Tex Mex cuisine is. When you eat well, you sit at the table longer and pay more attention to each other. That’s why we inspire Dutch food & lifestyle media throughout the year with Tex Mex recipes from Santa Maria. In addition, we selected five major food bloggers who went to work with the Tex Mex cuisine on their channels all year round. Finally, we surprised the journalists of ten Food & Lifestyle editors with a colourful and complete Tex Mex lunch from Santa Maria. Not only did we show them how delicious and surprising the Tex Mex cuisine can be, but also how fun it is to eat Tex Mex and take the time to discuss the day with each other.


Oil & Vinegar is the Dutch authority in the field of oil and vinegar. But do people know that? Is Oil & Vinegar top of mind when you think of the best olive oil? Not yet. That’s why we set to work to feed the Dutch media landscape and the internet step by step with the most amazing recipes using oil and vinegar as a ‘key ingredient’ with Oil & Vinegar as the sender. We have been inspiring online media, print media and influencers for over a year now. We do this by offering good recipes in line with the trends, with beautiful food photography and the right news hook, resulting in impressive media coverage. From Easter to Brunch, Picnic, Cocktails and BBQ, Oil & Vinegar has the right ingredients that make the difference.

Flora Plant: influencer campagne 2.0

In order to bring the new and 100% plant-based “butter” Flora Plant into the kitchens of Dutch consumers, Green Food Lab has started an extensive collaboration with a diverse mix of influencers who all create online visibility in their own way. The collaboration with macro influencer De Hippe Vegetariër has created a large platform for the flexitarian and vegetarian Dutch audience, micro-influencers with their tasty recipe blogs have shown in a personal way how consumers can use Flora Plant in the most delicious recipes and consumer/nano influencers have created a mind-blowing word of mouth through their reviews and recipe posts on Instagram. The Netherlands now knows: like butter, but better!



Nationale Week Zonder Vlees campaign

It started as a small idea and became a successful annual national campaign in 2018: de Nationale Week Zonder Vlees (the National Week Without Meat). The aim of this campaign is to make the Netherlands aware in a concrete way of the positive impact of eating less meat and to show how easy this can actually be. And it’s working! Step by step, we are bringing about an impactful behavioural change. Figures from research agency Blauw show that no less than 43% of Dutch people (7.5 million people) has heard of the Week Without Meat. In 2020, 24% of Dutch people (2.4 million people) participated in the Week Without Meat. This encourages us to make the National Week Without Meat a bigger success every year. Here you will find more information and the results of last year’s edition.

Margarine awareness campaign for Becel

Becel challenged De Hippe Vegetariër to find out the truth about margarine. How much ‘junk’ does it really contain? Isabel visited the factory, interviewed experts and started a discussion with Dutch consumers about the truth. Our conclusion so far? Everyone should put on their bread what suits them best. If you want to go for a plant-based option that is low in saturated fats, margarine is a very good alternative to, for example, butter or coconut oil. There is no junk in margarine at all. Watch the extensive video conclusion of our margarine research here!


Green Food Lab and initiator Green Protein Alliance launched the first national multi-year campaign for a more plant-based diet. The goal is to challenge Dutch consumers to think consciously about the choice for an animal or plant-based product and show them what possibilities there are. Central to the campaign is the platform and the accompanying social media channels. Here you can find recipes and an extensive product database, in which we indicate for well-known animal ingredients which plant-based products consumers can choose and where they are available. #zokanhetook will inspire the Dutch for years to come!



VEGGIE by De Hippe Vegetariër & Sodexo

Sodexo came to us with the challenge to give vegetarian food a better and more prominent place within their assortment. There was a lot of demand for this, especially at universities. After several sessions, VEGGIE by De Hippe Vegetariër was born. A vegetarian pop-up, completely styled in a recognizable VEGGIE style of its own, which can be flexibly implemented at universities and business locations. The pop-up serves 30 vega(n) dishes – from soup to sandwich, snack, salad and hot meal – composed by us in consultation with the Sodexo chefs. All dishes show what you can do with vegetables, grains, legumes and nuts as a basis. A VEGGIE party! Click here for a tour of VEGGIE at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.


We still consume too much meat, and flexitarism in the Netherlands remains superficial if we are to believe Hans Dagevos. That’s the reason why Green Food Lab developed the social media course Reduce your meat consumption in 15 days. To guide all Dutch people who want to structurally reduce their meat consumption towards a lasting change in behaviour – simply from home. You’d like to eat a little less meat, but you don’t know how? Follow the social media course Reduce your meat consumption in 15 days. With videos, recipes and tips, Isabel will show you around the supermarket, in the kitchen and help you overcome practical challenges. With her help, you will be able to eat less meat easily and with pleasure!


#zokanhetook street at the Huishoudbeurs

At the Huishoudbeurs we introduced 200,000 women to plant-based food in collaboration with the Green Protein Alliance. In a true #zokanhetook street we inspired the visitors by letting them try products from Bonduelle, SoFine, Next Foods, HAK, Garden Gourmet and BOON, because tasting is believing! The hundreds of plant-based goodie bags, the Plant-based Pubquiz presented by Isabel, cheerful Polaroid photos and inspiring recipe cards, gave the visitors plenty of opportunities and motivation to start cooking more plant-based at home, because #zokanhetook!

The Vegetarian Restaurantweek

Every year in March, during the National Week without Meat, we organize The Vegetarian Restaurant Week. During the third edition, no less than 940 restaurants throughout the country join in and show the Netherlands that you can eat delicious vegetarian food not only at home, but also while eating out. Restaurant chain ‘t Zusje and all its 29 tapas restaurants served a 100% vegetarian menu during the week. Other chains that participated with all their locations in the Netherlands were KFC with their “Chickenless Chicken”, De Bijenkorf, Bagels & Beans, Subway and IKEA. In short: something for everyone! All the chefs of the participating lunchrooms, cafes and restaurants let their guests see, taste and experience how fantastic the vegetable kitchen can be. A feast for the taste buds and a great success!

VEGGIE festival Amsterdam

On 15, 16 and 17 June 2018, the very first VEGGIE festival took place at the NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam. This is the most contemporary local food festival, set up in collaboration with Green Food Lab. Just like us, VEGGIE festival believes that eating meat every day is outdated. That’s why we wanted to conquer the hearts of all food lovers with a fantastic VEGGIE food line-up, which even meat eaters would fall in love with. VEGGIE festival is an initiative of AME-EVENTS, in collaboration with De Hippe Vegetariër. While AME-EVENTS took care of the right location, atmosphere and tunes, we took care of a fantastic food parade, the right partners and joined in coming up with the perfect VEGGIE line-up.

KEY NOTE SPEAKER and interactive sessions

Isabel is regularly asked as a keynote speaker at congresses or conferences, or to lead an interactive session on healthy food. For example, Isabel was present at the National Health Fair to answer all questions about vegetarian and vegan food. Isabel was also on stage during the National Food Congress 2017 as one of the three ‘Foodies of the Future’. She organised an interactive session for Sligro in the Zin Inspiration Lab for fast food entrepreneurs about making their snack range more sustainable. Isabel was present as a ‘vegetarian consultant’ at the Libelle Summer Week to introduce visitors to Vivera‘s products. And she gave, in collaboration with the MAGGI chef, a cooking workshop to show meat eaters that a day without meat can be tasty and easy.

Food Startup Communications Lab

Green Food Lab believes in the power of start-ups. We believe that many sustainable and innovative products and ideas come from start-ups. However, many of these stories often remain underexposed. With our Food Start-up Communications Lab, we help five start-ups for a year to get their key messaging right, and then put their product in the spotlight via media, influencers, events and social networking. Green Food Lab operates as an extension of the start-up team and together we ensure success. By means of quarterly workshops we prepare the start-ups to do their own thing after the year, also in the field of communication. Each year, we start with two groups: at the beginning of the new year and in the summer. So, are you or do you know a food start-up with big ambitions that is ready for the next step? Sign up now!

“Don’t wait for a better world.
It is up to you. You may even find the
solution at the end of your fork”