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The alliance that wants to accelerate the Dutch protein transition is obviously happy to cooperate with the Netherlands’ most plant-based communication agency. The philosophy and working method of Green Food Lab fits seamlessly with our mission to stimulate the Dutch to eat more plant-based proteins. And how! With zokanhetook.nu we have developed a platform with which we now reach very large numbers of Dutch people. With inspiring recipes, tips, relevant information and up-to-date content from members and partners of the association, Green Food Lab makes #zokanhetook a great success. With great pleasure we work together with the skillful, inspiring and enthusiastic team!

Jeroen Willemsen & Marianne Karstens – Association Office Green Protein Alliance

Food blogger and communication professional? A better combination is almost impossible. Isabel knows how to communicate her passion and knowledge of vegetarian cooking in an authentic, enthusiastic and engaging way. We enjoyed the collaboration with Isabel, where we made use of her knowledge for the product development of MAGGI Dagje geen vlees (Day without meat). In addition, Isabel was the face of the ‘How To’ video’s that we posted online on the platform of De Hippe Vegetariër and other social channels. For example, she was on an episode of the Dutch TV program RTL Boulevard, on which she talked about our collaboration. Working with Isabel and her team is just like working with a close colleague. She is very involved, is open for feedback and thinks along proactively. Her enthusiasm is contagious and we gladly contribute to a world with less meat or a more respectful consumption of meat.

– Oi-Yang Man, Brand CEO Nestlé MAGGI

Becel challenged De Hippe Vegetariër to find out the truth about margarine. How much ‘junk’ does it really contain? Isabel visited the factory, interviewed experts and started a discussion with Dutch consumers about the truth. Our conclusion so far? Everyone should put on their bread what suits them best. If you want to go for a plant-based option that is low in saturated fats, margarine is a very good alternative to, for example, butter or coconut oil. There is no junk in margarine at all. Watch the extensive video conclusion of our margarine research here!

In Green Food Lab, I have found a pleasant and professional communication partner. Together, we put the company Le Duc on the map as an innovative supplier of Veggie Appetizers, Filled with Nature. Whereas Le Duc had been active in vegetarian snacks for years, the company was hardly known. The objective was therefore to make the company stand out in a natural way and to inspire potential customers digitally. In this process, Green Food Lab was a motivated, experienced sparring partner who created a beautiful digital inspiration magazine for international clients. A striking characteristic of the ladies is their positive, solution-oriented and practical approach.
– Jolanda van der Hak, Marketing Manager Le Duc Fine Food B.V.

Philips has a collaboration with De Hippe Vegetariër that spans several years. Curious? Take a look at the articles here.

From way back, De Vegetariërsbond has been running the Gastvrij voor Vegetariërs quality mark for restaurants. In 2019, we wanted to renew this quality mark in order to do justice to the larger vegetarian landscape, add more value to restaurants and positively strengthen the image of De Vegetariërsbond. Together with Green Food Lab, we introduced the LEKKER VEGA quality mark for restaurants, with “bronze”, “silver” and “gold” as levels to further challenge and value the restaurants. A nice extension of the LEKKER VEGA brand for which De Vegetariërsbond is already known. Special about this collaboration is the versatility of Green Food Lab: the team has helped us in terms of strategy, communication plan and publicity, and Isabel is also acting as a LEKKER VEGA reviewer in the first phase of the project, together with team De Hippe Vegetariër, to create content for our platform and put the best restaurants in the spotlight. Fantastic to work with a company with the same mission!
– Erwin Polderman, Communication strategist De Vegetariërsbond

Orange peppers are super healthy and contain even more vitamin C than an orange. In addition, the orange pepper is versatile and can be used at any time and meal of the day. The orange pepper growers wanted to tell that story to a broad target group. But with limited resources you have to make smart choices. Green Food Lab created an orange pepper boost thanks to their enormous veggie reach and access to many ‘amateur’ and professional food bloggers, who were challenged monthly to use their creativity on the peppers they were sent. In this way not only the tastiest recipes and the most beautiful food photography were created, but also a huge reach to the supporters of De Hippe Vegetariër and all food bloggers. We were then able to publish the content on the website. Win-win-win! The last activity of the campaign was a win: an Orange Pepper Lunch in the greenhouse of the largest orange pepper grower in Europe. I look back with great pleasure on the pleasant cooperation. And – not unimportantly – I am very satisfied with the results achieved.

– Nicolette van der Mark, communication advisor (a.i.) De Oranje Paprikavereniging

How do you keep renewing yourself as a vegetable company? How do you add value to your customers’ supermarket shelves? Together with Vroegop-Windig, Green Food Lab answered this question. Eating less meat is a trend, but people keep finding it complicated. Still, they like to eat fresh and healthy food. That’s why we developed two recipes for ready-to-eat vegetable mixes for Vroegop-Windig. Everything is freshly cut into one meal package: from the vegetables, to the coconut milk and the curry paste. In three steps and 15 minutes you have a super fresh and super tasty vegetarian coconut or lentil curry on the table. This really lowers the threshold!

Together with Green Food Lab and with limited resources I achieved a great result for the introduction of the Kwekkeboom Oven & Airfryer VEGA bitterbal. With the right message, the right hook (1 October, World Vegetarian Day) and an integrated approach focused on PR, influencers, display advertising and one targeted media collaboration, we created a large amount of buzz around this introduction in a short period of time. From Algemeen Dagblad to LINDA News and of course De Hippe Vegetariër. This has brought the rotation of our VEGA bitterbal to the right level from the start – so you can see what PR can do! Moreover, I think Green Food Lab is a great partner to work with: the team responds quickly, has a clear vision, a large network and has a good feel for where you want to go. I will definitely continue to work with Green Food Lab!

– Arina Abbring, Marketing Manager Kwekkeboom Oven & Airfryer

Together with Green Food Lab we introduced our SoFish Fillets Salmon Style in the Netherlands. The enthusiasm of the team for our new product was noticeable, and in a very short period of time they set up a campaign for us: a newsworthy press release, physical visits to the major Food & Lifestyle editorial houses for tastings, recipes for publication, different types of influencers who started working with it and of course a collaboration with De Hippe Vegetariër. This has ensured that we generated a lot of media exposure in a short period of time, and thus put this innovative product well on the market. It was great to have SoFine Foods as a brand profit from the success of the PR surrounding this special product – Green Food Lab did a great job!

– Philip op den Kamp, Senior Product Manager SoFine Foods

Green Food Lab helps us inspire families with Blue Band. This creative team knows better than anyone how to develop cheerful and colourful recipes and link them to news moments that are relevant to our brand. As a result, our recipes were published in several (print) magazines! Moreover, we were positively surprised by their unique approach to micro influencer collaborations on Instagram. Many families started baking, which resulted in heartwarming and cheerful posts. This makes us relevant in the places where it matters. I recommend everyone to work with this enthusiastic team.
– Gerdien Verboom, Sr. Brand Manager Blue Band

During our first meeting, I immediately identified with Green Food Lab’s passion for food, given my role at Koninklijke Vezet and as a person. Vezet’s aim is to make the Netherlands a little healthier by making it easier to eat well with more fruit and vegetables, so the match with Green Food Lab’s mission felt very natural. More and more consumers are becoming aware of the effect of their eating habits on their health and on the world, and nowadays they eat with their mouth as much as their ‘mind’. This means that a new product not only has to be good, but also has to be well-told to the people who want to hear it! Green Food Lab kept its promise by reaching a large group of consumers with the best message, tasteful presentation and targeted communication. Their personal attention, creativity, strong network and good organisation made for a very pleasant collaboration, which leaves us wanting more!
– Lisette Alders, Marketing Manager Royal Vezet

For the Nationale Groente- en Fruitdag 2021, Green Food Lab developed the Ga voor Kleur Break, an extra eating moment at 4 p.m. to eat fruit and vegetables. With this concrete and accessible concept, we have inspired millions of Dutch people to snack on fruit and vegetables to get rid of their afternoon blues! The result was beyond expectations. Green Food Lab is a great partner to work with, always providing well-substantiated advice, clear communication and a good planning.
– Robin van Schaik, project leader Nationale Groente- en Fruitdag 2021 Nationaal Actieplan Groenten en Fruit

De Hippe Vegetariër is Green Food Lab’s own platform, launched in 2013 by Isabel Boerdam, with 350,000+ unique visitors per month. Click here to view the platform or read more about collaborating with De Hippe Vegetariër here.

Green Food Lab’s advice and strategies are straight to the goal, which does not only enforce trust in their work, but is also time and cost efficient. Isabel is a professional, representative go-getter, who can easily feel at home at a brand and their PR strategy. Not to mention, she is one of the biggest influencers in the Netherlands, but it is clear that her success on a personal level does not stand in the way of her love for PR. She is with her team Green Food Lab actually one of the best kept secrets in the field of Dutch PR, but that secret will probably not be kept for long.

– Choly van Grinsven, International Head of Ecom & Marketing Oil & Vinegar

Green Food Lab…what’s in the name?! Of course, this name fits Bonduelle perfectly. Because plant-based food is precisely what we want to use to improve the health of people and the planet. Since the spring of 2020, we have been working together intensively on several projects, culminating in the launch of our sustainability programme ‘Bonduelle Belooft’ in the Netherlands and Belgium. The agency’s food and PR knowledge combined with their “we can do this” mentality has resulted in great media coverage and high reach figures.
– Roel Goudsmits, Sr. Brand Manager Retail Benelux Bonduelle

In a short time, an intensive collaboration has developed between Bidfood and Green Food Lab. With the team you work in a formal, but comfortable and constructive way, where the passion for the topic is always present. During our first meeting she debunked prejudices we had about the vegetarian kitchen in a natural way, by translating it to our business. Because even though her background relates more to consumer marketing, we found a good connection on the market of catering professionals, with a beautiful shop on bidfood.nl and rich content for foodyard.nl as result. We are happy with the way we developed this project together, which for us is the base for a nice collaboration in the future.

– Wieteke Lankhaar, Online Marketing Manager Bidfood

The Green Food Lab team is bursting with energy and creativity. In their own unique way, they create a suitable strategy for your brand. They work purposefully and go for the best result.
– Fleur van Ravensteijn, Looye Kwekers

I have been working with team Green Food Lab for quite some time now. At Santa Maria we want to convince all the Dutch people that a varied and spicy Tex-Mex meal is a great way to have a good time at the dinner table. Reason enough to eat it more often! Together we have developed a nice PR plan to make the Netherlands aware of this. Through a number of effective ideas and their fresh perspective on PR, we manage to create a continuous stream of positive publications about Santa Maria. We are top of mind again at many magazines and readers regularly come into contact with the world of Tex-Mex. Moreover, it is a very nice team full of passion and enthusiasm! I would recommend them to anyone.

– Mireille Beij, Marketing Manager Benelux Santa Maria

With our platform Vaneigenbodem.nl we want to inform the consumer about beautiful, healthy vegetables. The passion and the network that Isabel (De Hippe Vegetariër) and her team have, fit perfectly with our goal. Partly thanks to her enthusiasm and creativity, this resulted in attractive, informative and interesting content. Together we can stimulate the consumption of vegetables which will make us all healthier.

– Ilona van Osch, Marketing Communication CEO Royal Zon

Isabel and De Smaakspecialist (the Taste specialist). A collaboration with many different aspects. From setting up a product challenge together with our communities to interview sessions with food experts. She advised us from her role as food blogger as well as her role as consultant. It all comes from the intrinsic drive to inspire people and make them aware of how delicious responsible food can be. She does not point fingers and has a realistic worldview. That is what binds us and what makes the collaboration successful.

– Maarten de Leng, Head Commerce & Sustainability

In June, the very first VEGGIE festival took place at the NDSM shipyard in Amsterdam. This is the most contemporary local food festival, set up in collaboration with Green Food Lab. VEGGIE festival believes, just like we do, that eating meat every day belongs to the past. That’s why we want to steal the hearts of all food lovers with a fantastic VEGGIE food line-up, which even excites resilient meat eaters. While the organization takes care of the right location, atmosphere and tunes, Green Food Lab takes care of a fantastic food parade, the right partners and thinks along with you about the perfect VEGGIE programming.

– VEGGIE festival is an initiative of AME-EVENTS

Fortunately, Green Food Lab crossed our path during the period that we were preparing the introduction of Gold&Green Pulled Oats on the Dutch market. This young team is full of drive, enthusiasm and expertise. From the start, Green Food Lab has made a very valuable contribution in putting together the complete introduction plan, and has taken care of PR and social media. We have truly come to trust them as a partner in our mission to put Gold&Green Pulled Oats on the map in the Netherlands. And even in the further expansion into other markets, we are happy to make use of their expertise. Their pro-active attitude, knowledge of the sector and expertise in the field make them the perfect partner for us. Highly recommended!

– Carin van Thiel, Introducing Gold&Green in the Benelux

Together with Green Food Lab, we have used a bold PR strategy to turn the introduction of a vegetarian product at KFC Nederland into world news. The success came from the right ingredients: the right story, at the right time, through the right channels. By building up the suspense for months, we managed to keep the attention. As a result, our vegetarian KFC in Rotterdam during the Week Without Meat in 2020 was a great success. In media value and in sales. A collaboration that gives you energy, with a result that we are proud of.
– Trix van der Vleuten, CMO KFC Northern Europe

Every year in March, during the National Week Without Meat, De Hippe Vegetariër, in collaboration with the Vegetariërsbond and various partners, organises a renewed version of the Vegetarian Restaurant Week. Because delicious vegetarian food can be enjoyed not only at home, but also outdoors! All the chefs of the participating lunchrooms, cafes and restaurants want to show you, let you taste and experience how fantastically the vegetable kitchen can taste. Whether you eat vegetarian on a regular basis, or just starting with one day a week without meat: you will be surprised. Read more about this initiative and the collaboration with the Vegetariërsbond here.

Working with Isabel Boerdam and the Green Food Lab team is a refreshing experience for Foodvalley NL. No stereotypical communication terminology, but clear language and a transparent approach. The energy, the fast pace, the commitment to the customer and, above all, working from a mission, are very noticeable. Highly recommended!
Roger van Hoesel, Managing Director Food Valley NL

Quorn has worked very closely together with Green Food Lab for over a year, as our Dutch PR agency. Together, we were able to create an ongoing stream of publications in Dutch media. On key peak moments, they have ensured that we were visible where it mattered. For instance during the National Week Without Meat, or when we had new product introductions. Green Food Lab was able to bring to life the compelling story of Mycoprotein (our unique ingredient) for the Dutch consumer, amongst others because of the efforts of the blog De Hippe Vegetariër. They were our eyes and ears and introduced us to relevant press and influencers. They truly know the landscape very well, which makes them an incredible partner to work with. Highly recommended!
– Gill Riley, International Marketing and Innovation Director, Quorn Foods

We have enjoyed working with Green Food Lab since its very beginning. For original and creative food photography, for advice in the plant-based food landscape and especially for influencer collaborations. For Flora Plant, they came up with matches with influencers we hadn’t thought of ourselves, they think along in content creation directions and keep a close eye on the timeline. Always with a smile, flexible and they think in solutions. I am already looking forward to new influencer content!
– Frédérique Hanselaar, Brand Manager Flora

At Sodexo we really enjoy working with Isabel. She is a vibrant person, in her communication as well as in her creativity and expertise. We are proud of VEGGIE by De Hippe Vegetariër – a vegetarian pop-up in our restaurants – that we developed together with Isabel. Isabel and her colleagues ensure good preparation and you can always reach her, which results in flawless communication.
– Annemiek Mikkers, Marketing CEO Government Benelux Sodexo

I really enjoy working with the Green Food Lab team! At the first meeting there was a connection and I could stop my search for a communication bureau. The proposals are powerful, the evaluations are extensive and visual and the contact is very personal and direct. In a perfect cooperation I am taken care of and surprised and that is certainly the case here!
– Paul Stam, Marketing & Innovation Manager Lassie / Tilda

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